Chasing the sun on Beaver Lake

It may be the first of August, but if you live in the South, you know summer is far from over.  There are still a few weeks left until it’s time to go back to school, and I fully expect Mother Nature to hit us with at least one more heat wave (probably just in time for game day tailgates) Whether it’s the heat or the slowly ticking clock, you may be running short on creative ways to spend time with your dog, but don’t worry.  I got you.  I even included family friendly things the kids might enjoy.

Take Your Dog To A Baseball Game 

Many major and minor league ballparks host dog friendly events. You’ll know them by their cute names- Bark in the Park, Dog Days, Pups in the Park, etc.  The best I’ve ever attended was Pooches in the Ballpark at Busch Stadium, and if you ever want to see a bunch of grown-ups acting kids at Christmas, just tune in to the on-field parade.

Standing on the field in the middle of Busch Stadium, especially if you’re a Cardinals fan, is pretty damn cool!

Better luck next year though; that event was Saturday, May 25th.  

St. Louis Cardinals mascot, Fredbird

Bird is the word!

I found a complete list of dog-friendly major league games here, and while 12 teams still have dates in August and September, the Arizona Diamondbacks and Pittsburg Pirates deserve a special shoutout.  They are totally winning dog friendly baseball games.  

The Diamondbacks host the “Dog Days of Summer” on the PetSmart patio and have five games remaining (there were 13 total).  The Pirates host Pup Nights at PNC Park at EVERY Tuesday home game throughout the season.  

In addition to the majors, I suggest checking your local AAA affiliate.  Our hometown team, the Northwest Arkansas Naturals still have one more dog friendly game scheduled this coming Sunday, and yours might have one, too.

Take Your Dog to the Movies 

Taking in a movie with your BFF isn’t as difficult as you might think.  No pretending to be something you’re not- I’m talking to you, ESA fakers- the following places aren’t limited to “service dogs only.” 

Dog-Friendly Drive-In

While the decline of the drive-in movie is a real tragedy, there are still over 300 remaining, and our local spot allows dogs at no extra charge.  Henri and I go at least a few times each summer and a few weeks ago we went to see A Dog’s Purpose.  I forgot Kleenex.  Visit to locate a theater near you, then give them a call to see if they’re dog-friendly.  Let us know what you find!

Dog-Friendly Theater

If there is a new trend in dog-friendly activities that sticks, I hope it’s this one!  Entrepreneurs, take note.  

In Plano, Texas you can enjoy a traditional movie style theater experience with your BFF.

The newly opened K9 Cinemas features classic black and whites on the big screen at 8 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.  included with the $15 ticket price is BOTTOMLESS wine or FOUR whiskey drinks.  You can add a second dog for $5, and of course, both human and dog snacks are available.  They allow dogs in hospice free admission on movie nights, and beginning in October, they will be adding a dog-friendly co-working space available Monday- Saturday from 9-5.  Also with alcohol.  Want unlimited access?  $99/ mo gets you everything. 

I try to hate on Texas, but sometimes I just can’t.

Take Your Dog To A Class 

Groundwork at paddle with your dog clinic

Groundwork at Paddle With Your Dog clinic

Classes aren’t just for basic obedience anymore.  There’s rally, agility, tricks, dog dancing, barn hunting, and all manner of other things for you and your dog to do together when you take a class.  Get creative by painting your pup.  Get zen by joining a doga session, or get adventurous with a paddle clinic

My next Paddle With Your Dog clinic is August 24th at Wildcat Park in Joplin, MOClick here to join us!

Take A Dog Friendly Road Trip 

Since Henri and I just did a portion of Route 66 and plan to do more, dog friendly road tripping is on my mind.  Who better to explore the open road with you than your canine co-pilot?

He can’t help with navigation, but he won’t complain if you miss a turn.  

For  inspiration, check out Get Your Dog Friendly Kicks On Route 66 and Detours With Dogs

We took 66 from Cuba, MO to Catoosa, OK. in July, and last December we hit a few Florida back roads. Of course, one of those backroads drives through the Gulf Islands National Seashore and past the dog beach in Pensacola, which leads me to this… 

Take Your Dog To The Beach 

Sandy faced Henri after a roll in the sand

Post-SUP face in Grayton Beach, FL.

If you follow this blog but have never taken your dog to the beach, then I have to question my ability as influencer.  Seriously.  Take your dog to the beach.

If you need an excuse, then check out the Annual Cove Dog Olympics held every fall at Pirates Cove beach bar in Josephine, AL.  This year’s event is October 5th and with the Razorbacks having a bye that week, we just might go.  For those of you on the West Coast, Google “surf dog competitions.”  They’re happening pretty regularly.  

On the lake, we call it “chasing the sun”, and the above suggestions are intended to help you do just that.  From afternoons spent lounging in the creek to morning trips to the local farmer’s market, Henri and I will be milking every last drop out of summer. If it gets too cold, too soon, we’ll have to move the boat.