Standing on the field at Busch Stadium

Besties on the Ballfield! Denise & Henri with Jennifer & Charlie

I’m a baseball girl. If you know me, you know that. I like the Tigers for their pitching, and the Yankees ’cause it makes my brother happy when they win. As far as I’m concerned, there’s only one Arkansas minor league team and it’s the Travelers. I grew up going to their games with my granddaddy and was a ‘Travelerette’ back before the ‘Angels’ were even a thought. All that being said, I was raised on the St. Louis Cardinals.

So let me just tell you…even if this trip had been a disaster, I still got to stand on the field at Busch Stadium with one of my best friends and my dog!

It was a MasterCard moment.

It was also an awesome girls’ weekend in St. Louis! Henri & I, along with our friends Jennifer and Charlie, joined over 300 other dogs and their owners for the 12th Annual Purina Pooches in the Ballpark event.

Obviously, being on that field was the highlight for me. If you want to see a bunch of grown-ups acting like kids at Christmas, tune-in for the Pooch Parade at Busch Stadium next year. I’m pretty sure the dogs were all wondering what was wrong with us.

Parade line-up started at 1:15- when the gates opened- for the 1:45 parade. The line wrapped around about five levels of concourse and both humans and dogs were decked out in their game-day best. You can check out our Facebook album or use the hashtag #PurinaPooches for highlights.

I figured Henri wasn’t interested in dressing up beyond his red harness and Pooches bandana. Besides, I had us covered. My toes were painted OPI ‘Big Apple Red’, which is the perfect Cardinals color; I was wearing my baseball flip-flops, my Brighton baseball charm necklace, and my Cardinals shirt.

Henri and I have been to several minor league games and to the Ranger’s game in 2015. Almost all of them do some sort of dog parade. We’ve never participated as I was always content to just take pictures.

The day I emailed Jennifer the itinerary for game day, I got a text saying “There’s an on-field parade?!” Yes. Yes, there is.

This was a BIG deal.

The parade is around the warning track and you’re not allowed on the grass. When you first take the field, they encourage you to keep moving and tell you not to stop. Fortunately, I think the ‘field police’ realized just how excited we all were, and as long as you weren’t holding up the line, they just smiled. I can imagine we were pretty entertaining, happy strangers excitedly swapping phones and taking photos for one another.

“Did you get the scoreboard?”

“Did you get the Arch?”

“Can you see the field?”

“Hold on! Your dog’s not looking.”

“Charlie! Charlie, look. Charlie, sit. Charlie!” Kiss, kiss, kiss. “Here, Charlie!”

Most of the photos feature Charlie’s rear, but thankfully, when he got on the big screen, he was facing the camera.

I can honestly say, this was the coolest thing I’ve done in a long time and my smiling face as we snapped a picture with FredBird is a dead give-away. It’s now the profile picture on my personal Facebook page.

After the parade, we headed to the designated seating area. The dogs were spread out over the Coca-Cola Pavilion just beyond the outfield and though not all the seats were in the shade, shade was easily accessible, as were wading pools, misters, and water bowls. Thankfully, we were in the Scott Credit Union MVP Deck and not only had seats in the shade, but our own bartender.

It was ‘all hands on deck’ by Purina staff and everywhere you looked was somebody in a red shirt with a gallon jug of water refilling bowls, wetting bandanas, and petting or photographing dogs. There was even a veterinarian walking around the area making sure everyone was okay.

The all-you-can-eat buffet consisted of BBQ beef brisket, Italian Chicken, hot dogs and kraut, cheese dip and chips, salad, and cookies. Beverages included Bud heavy, Bud Light, sodas, and water. Each ticket holder also received a ‘Wag Bag’ filled with coupons, food and treat samples, and a St. Louis Cardinals/Purina photo frame/leash hanger to commemorate the occasion. That’s where our FredBird pic is going!

All this for only $150.

It’s a bargain. Trust me.

The other parks don’t do it like this.

Every park has an on-field parade but I’ve never had a buffet, much less free beer. Additionally, you usually have to stand in long lines and approach individual booths to get your swag.

The only complaint I had was the heat (tips for beating that are posted at the end of this story) and Purina can’t control the weather. They can’t even control the game date because that’s dictated by the MLB. Other than the bricks at the entry gates burning little dog feet- and I bet that is fixed next year- this is the Best of the Best.

With a full itinerary of events- dock diving and frisbee exhibitions, Pooch Parade and costume contest, all-you-can-eat buffet and beer, plus a cool commemorative frame- Purina does it right! (And y’all know Henri is raw fed so I’m not just saying that for food endorsements).

If you love Bird Dogs and Red Birds, or just any ol’ dog and the Cardinals, this is your game!

Like I said…

Two tickets to Pooches in the Ballpark… $300

Gas to St. Louis…$75

Two nights at the Westin…$584

Walking the warning track at Busch Stadium with your dog and your best friend…



Beat the Heat Tricks:

Keeping cool

Staying’ cool!

  • Both dogs were wearing Good2Go Cooling Bandanas that we picked up for $10.00 at PetCo. Best $10 I’ve ever spent on my dog!
  • I packed Henri’s gel cooling mat into our ‘doggie’ (diaper) bag and had it available for lounging. Both dogs used it at one point or another.
  • Paw Wax! We actually couldn’t find any Paw Wax (PetCo, why are southern stores out of this in the middle of the summer?!), so we used Burt’s Bees Lip Balm to help protect paw pads from hot concrete. Good in a pinch!