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Chewy On This!

So, in case you aren’t following us on Facebook or Instagram, or didn’t understand the title of this post, I’m really excited to announce...  I’M A CHEWY INFLUENCER! This is how we met... My Chewy story began with my training clients. They invite me into their homes...

Downtown & Dog Friendly in Baton Rouge

If you're going to host the perfect party, then you need a perfect venue. That's more easily said than done if your party includes 250 people and their dogs decked out in ball gowns and tuxedos. Fortunately for us, the Hilton Baton Rouge Capitol Center was nothing...

Every Dog Has His Day on 30A

Before you head to the sugar-white beaches of Destin and 30A with your pooch, there are some things you should know. Let's start with where dogs are and are not allowed, and what it's going to cost you if you get busted. Is your attorney liscensed in Florida? Henri's...

Holiday Gift Guide For Dogs On The Go

Do you travel with your pooch? Need a great gift for someone who does? Then look no further! Our Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs on the Go will help Santa stuff the stockings of your favorite pets and pet people. Check out our picks (and don't forget the treats)! HomeAway...

Traveling With A Raw Fed Dog

My raw diet journey began sometime in the mid 90's. I had a St. Bernard that was a few year's old and suffering from chronic ear infections and regular bouts of vomiting foamy yellow grossness. Back then, in the stone age of dog food, there were only a few 'premium'...

About Denise

Denise Holmes is a professional pet trainer, known for her spunky personality and training concept Love. Trust. Teach. Outgoing and full of Southern charm, Denise has an innate ability to find the fun, and fun people, in most any situation.

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