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May all your holiday travels be tails of fun!

Do you travel with your pooch? Need a great gift for someone who does? Then look no further! Our Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs on the Go will help Santa stuff the stockings of your favorite pets and pet people. Check out our picks (and don’t forget the treats)!

HomeAway Travel Organizer Kit from Solvit

If you follow this blog then you’ve already read about this bag. I got one in August just in time for a weekend test drive and I’ve used it ever since. Part purse, part doggie diaper bag, the HomeAway Travel Organizer Kit holds all my daily essentials with plenty of room for Henri’s things when he’ll be joining me. Whether day tripping or heading off for a week-long adventure, this bag is the perfect accessory for any pet parent on the go!

Molly Mutt Car Seat Covers & Beds

The first product I ever remember seeing from Molly Mutt was their stuff sack and duvet cover. The dog trainer in me thought this was genius since leaving an anxious pooch with something that smells like his people- towels, old clothes, sheets- can often alleviate stress and help with separation anxiety. With Molly Mutt, you can make your smelly human things into a fashionable bed for your favorite pooch, and now they’ve added car seat and cargo covers to the line of products you can get in fun fabrics. You can even add a monogram!

Car Safety Harness

The best gift you can give your dog this holiday season is safety on the road! That’s why we like the Deluxe Car Safety Harness, again, from Solvit. No they don’t pay us, but their slogan is “No pet left behind,” so we like that. We tried out their harness in October of 2015 and we’re still using it.

Kiehl’s Spray-N-Play Cleansing Spritz

From the makers of human skin care products comes one of my all-time favorite pet products. Kiehl’s Spray-n-Play Cleansing Spritz is great for dogs with no time for a bath and perfect when your pooch has had a little too much fun. Just spray, massage, then dry. No rinsing required and it smells fantastic! The $13 price tag makes it a bargin so you can afford to buy some for all your dog friends.

GoPro Fetch Dog Harness

This is one we don’t have, but we think it’s really, really cool! The GoPro Fetch Dog Harness is compatible with any GoPro camera for a dog’s eye view of the world. If you already have a GoPro and a dog then this harness will only set you back about forty bucks. Need the GoPro too? So do we! Those start at $150. Put it on the list. I’m sure we’ve all been nice.

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