Chewy box delivery

Special delivery!

So, in case you arent following us on Facebook or Instagram, or didnt understand the title of this post, Im really excited to announce… 


This is how we met…

My Chewy story began with my training clients. They invite me into their homes and lives, and rely on me to help them provide the best for their pets. I value their trust and I’m p i c k y about referrals. Many of my clients were already using their services and making comments like, “I’ll order it from Chewy.” Based on their reported experiences, more and more, I found myself comfortable referencing them. If there was a product we needed quickly—Adaptil comes to mind—or if I was looking for something fun to entertain a bored dog like the Tether Tug I was whipping out my phone to check their site or show a product.

It wasn’t until April 2018 (when Henri needed a tux and FAST), that I personally ordered from Chewy. My confidence in their ability to deliver came from my clients’ rave reviews and more than a little desperation. They promised his tux would be here before we left town and it was. I’m still waiting on a Victoria’s Secret order I placed on the 9th that was supposed to be here on the 14th. I called today. They don’t know where it is. But I digress…

It isn’t just the fulfillment of a delivery promise, it’s the “above and beyond” that really impressed me. From suggesting that an unused bag of food or a collar that didn’t fit quite right be donated to a local shelter (with a replacement on the way at no additional charge) to sending a card to a grieving pet parent, it was clear to me that Chewy was doing something different

I finally decided it was time to reach out!

I wanted to Pawtner Up with Chewy in some way, though I wasnt sure how. Feature their products, write travel content for their blog…? On a whim, I sent them an email. Quick to respond, they invited me to join their influencer program.  

This is how it works…

As a Chewy Influencer, each month Ill receive a special newsletter with 14 plus featured items. Goodies range from premium pet food to treats, to grooming products and toys. I get to pick TWO and have them delivered straight to my door. Along with saying YES!” to the gig, I asked if I could share with clients and friends. Henri is pushing 12. His opinion of toys isnt what it used to be and his need for training aides is pretty minimal. Now, if its a product that makes travel more comfortable or it involves treats, we might get stingy.

All we have to do in return is offer our honest opinion and yall know I’ve got plenty those! Church of the Painful Truth, as one girlfriend likes to call it.  

Youll be able to find our monthly reviews on Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook, and if youre one of my lucky clients or happen to run into me at event, theres a good chance Ill be toting a little something extra from our new friends. Our first treat sample was a hit with Henri, most of the dogs at the paddle clinic I taught, and one lone beggar at the Dog Days of Summer event at Sassafrass Springs Vineyard.  

As a Walt Disney World College Program Alum, I learned about customer service from one of the best in the industry. That was in 1990. These days, Im fairly certain its just Disney and Chewy doing it right. Chewy offers 24/7 help online and if you call their 1-800 number a REAL person answers, not a recording asking you to push buttons. Dont believe me? Try it. Its 2:45 p.m. central time and I just got off the phone with Alonzo. 

Im super-proud to say Im helping Chewy make happiness happen, and I hope youll follow us and give some of our suggestions a try!!