Game ready at Globe Life Park. Arlington, TX

Game ready at Globe Life Park. Arlington, TX

Our friends at Nylabone along with Avoderm Natural Pet Food and Adams Flea and Tick Control sponsored their first Bark at the Park of the year with the Texas Rangers. They sent Henri and I tickets, so we got to go. They’ll sponsor 7 more MLB games this year (see below) and if they’re coming to your favorite team’s park, you should go, too.

What’s better than spending a warm summer evening with your best friend at a baseball game?

Nothing! That’s what.

Before You Go

The first thing to know is that these games have a limited number of tickets available. Most, if not all, games will sell out. The second thing to know is that pre-registration is required, but it does not guarantee that you will get a ticket. Owners must sign a release/waiver and submit proof of vaccinations. Some parks also require a current dog license.

The point is there are NO walk-ups for these events. You’ll need to go to the online ticket sales at the park of your choice, read the requirements, then register/purchase your tickets.

A will call table for ticket pick up will be set-up outside a designated park entrance. For the Rangers game, will-call opened at 4. We got there around 5, and the line wasn’t too bad. With a projected attendance of 1000 dogs, you’d think it might get a little crazy, but the sponsors are organized  and all the dogs were well behaved.

This is not the type of event you go to if your dog is still in the practice stages of socialization. In fact, dogs under 6 months aren’t even allowed.

Inside the Park

Get in line. Early.

Get in line. Early.

Once inside, we were handed a goodie bag with coupons, a collapsible water bowl (let’s see how long it takes me to lose that) and a Rangers bandana.

The activity area featured a photo booth, and sponsor brands and partners offering product samples and demos. The line to sponsor tables was kinda long, so we decided to visit with the welfare partners and go back to sponsors later.

This was a mistake!

If you want the swag, and you do, then get in line. We got a few pet food samples from AvoDerm, but that was all that was left.

I really encourage you to stop by the area designated for welfare partners and get to know the people doing good in your town. You may discover a volunteer opportunity or a cause that’s dear to your heart.

What we got instead of ‘stuff’ was the chance to chat with the reps of some really great local and national organizations. Aside from the official welfare sponsors, ARF (who sells bracelets made from baseball covers) and Code 3, I met the president of Don’t Forget to Feed Me. Serving the Dallas Metroplex, their goal is to “keep families together- whole families.” By working through local food pantry partners they provide donated pet food to pet owners in crisis.

Bacon. Just Bacon.

Bacon. Just Bacon.

After visiting the activity area, we wandered while attendees lined up for the pooch parade. You can roam a limited area of the concourse where you’ll find water bowls and some wading pools, but at Globe Life the limits weren’t clearly defined. We discovered the limits when bacon distracted us.

Apparently, the bacon vendor, yes, bacon vendor, a whole booth of bacon, was just beyond where we were supposed to stay. Thankfully, I had my Maple Bacon Ale in hand before we got busted.

Unlike the museum dude in Tulsa, the ballpark guy was very nice. Just pay attention.


As I mentioned, attendees were lining up for the 6:00 p.m. pre-game pooch parade. We weren’t all decked out like many of the pups, so our plan was to just watch. With so many cute dogs at the park, it’s hard to see them all. The easiest way to catch a glimpse is to watch the parade around the warning track.

Dressed in their Rangers best, dogs and their owners compete for prizes in the Best Dressed category. From tutus to blue Texas ‘T’ mohawks, these fans pull out all the stops. During the game, fans are featured on the Bark Cam. Check out all the cuteness in our album on Facebook.

Watching the game

Watching the game

Though each park is a little different, at the Rangers game, dogs got to join their people in actual seats (at minor league games, you’re usually on the berm). Ours was under an over-hang, so we were out of the setting Texas sun. It was perfect weather for a baseball game and a good game to boot.

We got to see Prince Fielder hit a few good ones, but he still needs to work on his lolly-gaggin’. We also got to see Choo hit a homerun. For the record, dogs don’t really appreciate homeruns. Homeruns have fireworks.

The Rangers didn’t take the series, but they won on Saturday night. Maybe they should consider having dog night more often.

If you want to check out a Nylabone sponsored event, here’s a list of the next seven games:

Arizona Diamondbacks vs New York Mets – Sun, June 6th at 1:10 pm

Los Angeles Dodgers vs San Francisco Giants – Sat, Jun 20th at 1:45 pm

Seattle Mariners vs Los Angeles Angels – Thurs, July 9th at 7:10pm

Oakland Athletics vs Houston Astros – Thurs, Aug 6th at 4:10 pm

Colorado Rockies vs Washington Nationals – Wed, August 19th at 6:40pm

Chicago White Sox vs Oakland Athletics – Wed, Sept 16th at 7:10 pm

New York Mets vs Washington Nationals – Fri, Oct 2nd at 1:10 pm

A complete list of all MLB dog events can be found at Nylabone.

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