Strolling in the sand

Walk-about on Biloxi Beach

HI!  My name is Denise.  I am a pet trainer by profession, a natural born adventurer and storyteller,and since 2014, a travel blogger.  I believe it’s not where you go that matters but who goes with you, and I simply can’t imagine leaving my dog, Henri, at home.

We aren’t necessarily looking for the best dog beaches, dog parks, or dog events, though we might check some out along the way.  We’re in search of those special people places that welcome dogs.

  • Hotels with turn down service and an orthopedic pet bed…? Check.
  • Restaurants with a special doggie menu…? Yes.
  • Dive bars with water bowls…? Our favorite!

Henri isn’t ‘just a dog’. He is the sole benefactor of my maternal instincts and sometimes he’s my only drinking buddy. I’ve never been married and I don’t have kids, but…I have this dog! So he goes where I go.

He is a quiet gentleman and that is the not-so-subtle difference between us. Henri is the perfect compliment to my boisterous nature.  He’s the only  male who gets to tell me what to do, and frequently, I abide.  I’ve been accused of treating him better than most (ex)boyfriends, but Henri is a lot more loyal.

Beyond a good place to lay our heads at the end of the day and maybe a fabulous bar, our adventures are loosely constructed. We rely on the friends we meet along the way to point us in the right direction, and the prayers of my Mom to keep us out of trouble.

These are our stories and this is Travel Tails.