Southern Aside

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:living in or originating from the south.

:a remark that is not directly related to the main topic of discussion.

This isn’t about travel with Henri, though my observations may stem from places visited or things seen. This is about life as I know it. Life in the South. It’s my likely sporadic personal commentary on…whatever.

I love my family, my dog, and my friends.

I love sitting on the back deck with my Dad, who makes better Cosmos than any bartender I know, while watching the boys of summer on TV, and running back and forth to the pool for dips. My Mom does the grilling, because Dad doesn’t have the patience.

I love going to the lake with my girls, one of whom is actually from Detroit, but we’ve got her sayin’ ‘y’all.’ I love the sound of crickets and frogs (I do not like them in my house), and listening to country music. I live for tailgaiting, and I love the Razorbacks.

Me. My life. My thoughts.

This is the Southern Aside.

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