America’s Favorite Pastime With Your Favorite Canine

Purina Pooches in the Ballpark

Pooches in the Ballpark 2016. Cardinals vs. Rangers

The Boys of Summer are finally back and we’ve got a list of all the MLB dog-friendly games plus a few tips to help you enjoy them. More teams than ever are hosting ‘bring your dog events’ and several teams are hosting more than one. Minor league parks are in on the action too, so don’t forget to check out your local club schedule for ticket information.


Please keep in mind that regardless of who your team is, the major league games typically sell-out quickly and at least a few do not allow walk-ups. At all games, be prepared to show proof that your dog’s vaccinations are current and be willing to sign a waiver.

Dog event at Globe Life

Bark at the Ballpark 2015. Texas Rangers.

We’ve been to two MLB games, Pooches in the Ballpark hosted by the St. Louis Cardinals and Bark at the Park hosted by the Texas Rangers. Last year’s ‘Pooches’ event had over 300 dogs in attendance, so dogs should be well-socialized and friendly towards people and other pets. You’ll need to keep your pooch on a leash at all times, pick-up any messes, and of course, be respectful of other fans.

Two other things to keep in mind are the weather and your pup’s stamina. Many of these games are taking place late in the summer and though most of the parks will have wadding pools or cooling stations of some sort, be prepared to make your pooch stays comfy and cool.

We always carry our own water bowl, and for these events, a cooling bandana and a gel cooling pad.

As for stamina, you already know a baseball game can last way more than nine innings. However, at many of these games, you can’t just walk up and go right in the gate. You have to check-in and that means waiting in line before the game. If you want the swag bag, another line. And all that noise and stimulation…? It can limit how much your dog can take. Consider whether or not your dog has 3-5 hours in him and whether or not you’re willing to leave a tie ballgame if he doesn’t.


If you don’t see a game listed for your favorite team, it’s because I don’t have a date yet. The White Sox, Tigers, Phillies and Rockies all had games last year but haven’t announced when or if they’ll have them this year. The Braves are in a new park and apparently don’t want dogs in it. Hopefully, they’ll either change their minds or get back to it in 2018. You Braves fans- and anyone else without a dog-friendly game- ought to complain. On the other hand, Arizona Diamondbacks should have zero complaints.

I didn’t list their games because there are just TOO MANY!

That’s right! In 2016, PetSmart and the Diamondbacks partnered to create the first-ever season-long dog-friendly ballpark with a dedicated PetSmart Patio, PetSmart Park and the Dog Days of Summer program. This year that program includes 20 Sunday and Monday games that you can attend with your dog. Tickets packages start at $160 and include a semi-private space for four, access to All-You-Can-Eat hot dogs, soda, water, popcorn, peanuts, and chips for the humans, pup-approved ‘ice cream’ for the dogs and…an indoor (air-conditioned)/ outdoor baseball themed DOG PARK. I think we’ve found our next baseball road trip!

Now without further ado and in order of appearance, here’s the rest of the line-up…

  • New York Mets – Sunday, April 9th vs. the Marlins
  • Pittsburgh Pirates – Tuesday, April 11th vs. the Reds
  • Kansas City Royals – Wednesday, April 19th vs. the Giants
  • Tampa Bay Rays – Sunday, April 23rd vs. the Astros
  • Pittsburgh Pirates – Tuesday, April 25th vs. the Cubs
  • Washington Nationals – Saturday, April 29th vs. the Mets
  • Cincinnati Reds – Wednesday, May 3rd vs. the Pirates
  • Texas Rangers – Saturday, May 13th vs. the Athletics
  • Washington Nationals – Saturday, May 13th vs. the Phillies
  • Pittsburgh Pirates – Tuesday, May 16th vs. the Nationals
  • Seattle Mariners – Thursday, May 18th vs. the White Sox
  • Los Angeles Dodgers – Saturday, May 20th vs. the Marlins
  • St. Louis Cardinals – Saturday, May 20th vs. the Giants
  • Kansas City Royals – Tuesday, May 30th vs. the Tigers
  • Pittsburgh Pirates – Tuesday, May 30th vs. the Diamondbacks
  • Miami Marlins – Saturday, June 3rd vs. the Diamondbacks
  • Milwaukee Brewers – Tuesday, June 6th vs. the Giants
  • Cincinnati Reds – Wednesday, June 7th vs. the Cardinals
  • Washington Nationals – Saturday, June 10th vs. the Rangers
  • San Francisco Giants – Sunday, June 11th vs. the Twins
  • Pittsburgh Pirates – Tuesday, June 13th vs. the Rockies
  • Washington Nationals – Sunday, June 25th vs. the Reds
  • Pittsburgh Pirates – Tuesday, June 27th vs. the Rays
  • San Diego Padres – Thursday, June 29th vs. the Braves
  • Seattle Mariners – Thursday, July 6th vs. the Athletics
  • Oakland Athletics – Friday, July 14th vs. the Indians
  • Pittsburgh Pirates – Tuesday, July 18th vs. the Brewers
  • Pittsburgh Pirates – Tuesday, August 1st vs. the Reds
  • Pittsburgh Pirates – Tuesday, August 8th vs. the Tigers
  • Colorado Rockies – Wednesday, August 16th vs. the Braves
  • Pittsburgh Pirates – Tuesday, August 22nd vs. the Dodgers
  • Cincinnati Reds – Tuesday, August 29th vs. the Mets
  • Kansas City Royals – Wednesday, August 30th vs. the Ray
  • New York Mets – Monday, Sept 4th vs. the Phillies
  • Pittsburgh Pirates – Tuesday, Sept 5th vs. the Cubs
  • Seattle Mariners – Tuesday, Sept 5th vs. the Astros
  • Washington Nationals – Thursday, Sept 7th vs. the Phillies
  • Arizona Diamondbacks – Sunday, Sept 10th vs. the Padres
  • Houston Astros – Sunday, Sept 17th vs. the Mariners
  • Cincinnati Reds – Thursday, Sept 21st vs. the Cardinals
  • Pittsburgh Pirates – Tuesday, Sept 19th vs. the Brewers
  • Pittsburgh Pirates – Tuesday, Sept 26th vs. the Orioles
  • Washington Nationals – Saturday, Sept 30th vs. the Pirates

Is your dog ready? Let’s PLAY BALL!

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