Henri Does Dallas: Part 2

Aloft Las Colinas was quiet on Friday night, maybe too quiet. I had to turn on my white noise in order to sleep. It’s a good idea to have white noise or a sound machine if you travel with pets because it can help drown out hotel noise that might otherwise cause...

Henri Does Dallas: Part 1

I’ve often wished Henri would start riding in the back seat of my car instead of on high alert in the front- staring at me, panting, and dripping drool on my cup lid. Who knew a trip to Dallas could fix this? I’m not sure if it was the five lanes of traffic or Mommy’s...

Bark at the Park

Our friends at Nylabone along with Avoderm Natural Pet Food and Adams Flea and Tick Control sponsored their first Bark at the Park of the year with the Texas Rangers. They sent Henri and I tickets, so we got to go. They’ll sponsor 7 more MLB games this year (see...
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